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“Hisham Abd Rabou”

Abd Rabou Law firm is an Egyptian law firm which brings together the expertise of highly qualified legal professionals with varied local and international backgrounds and experiences.

The firm works through specialized teams which allow it to offer consistent high-quality legal services in a timely and efficient manner. The teams collaborate to offer integrated legal services to a full range of clients in various sectors including, without limitation, civil, commercial, criminal, maritime, athletic, economic, arbitration.

Our success depends on a combination of key factors, namely expertise, dedication and strong relations with competent judicial, administrative and regulatory authorities in Egypt.

“Nothing better in life than a complete win, however if you can not win, the next big thing is a complete loss!”

Hisham Abd Rabou


Legal Consulting

Abdrabou Law firm is a unique mix of highly experienced lawyers who can help clients deliver ….

Case Handling

Our Lawyers have a very good reputation built up over 26 years before courts of all degrees in Egypt…

Company Formation

Company Formation and company registration services are provided by our firm…


Our Firm offers services in the field of arbitration locally and internationally combining legal …


before all Egyptian courts with their different degrees whether, criminal, civil, civil status, family….

Athletic Arbitration

We are accredited as an international lawyer before the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) at Lausanne ….

Maritime Case Handling

Our firm handles all types of cases related to maritime law; we advise and represent parties in all types ….

Economic Case Handling

Our firm deals with all the cases related to taxes, bankruptcy and commercial cases before all ….


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